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MBTN Modules

60+ MBTN modules cover a wide variety of business topics. Choose what meets your objectives!
Complete list of MBTN modules for marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, HR, operations, and statistics. Click on the module name to display the module description, number of pages in the tutorial, total problem set questions, average time to complete the problem sets, and a sample problem set scenario and question. Alternatively, download the MBTN catalog of modules.
For pricing and package options, please choose the appropriate category: Academic UseCorporate Training and Development, or Individuals and Small Business.

Would you try MBTN yourself to see it works?  Use the following link to register for free access to our Algebra 1 module with 2 (of 4) problem sets.  This module is usually used to refresh some basic concepts and use of Excel.  Give it a try at the following link:

Free MBTN Trial (Algebra 1)

We will only use your email to send your access code or contacting you if there is a problem with your account registration.  Please check spam for registration information after submission.

Faculty may contact us directly for full evaluation access.  Thank you!