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Individuals and Small Business

Begin your journey today!
Did you recently launch a company and now realize there are some concepts that would be helpful to know? Did Covid delay your plans for a business degree or MBA? Do you have great work experience, but would like to broaden your business knowledge to other functional areas? MBTN Academy can help!
Certifications packages start at just $14.95. Or, for $99.95, receive access to a deep reservoir of knowledge from leading business school professors!
Please explore the short video introduction, links to the module descriptions, and brochures for more details and pricing. Decide whether you’d like to start small with our Business Prep package or take on a larger challenge.  Then select the appropriate package below and get started!

Browse all our current modules, review our brochures below, and then choose the package at the right which best fits your personal objectives.

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Please select one of the pre-defined courses below, or if you are a current academic user who would like to get extend or upgrade your license, please contact us directly using the form below.  Note: If you have been assigned MBTN for a university class, do not use these links, but instead the login information provided in your welcome email.  Thank you!

Business School Prep Course $14.95 for 6 Month Access

Profit Impact Metrics Certification $14.95 for 6 Month Access
Advertising Metrics Certification $14.95 for 6 Month Access
Customer Lifetime Value Certification $14.95 for 6 Month Access
Distribution Metrics Certification $14.95 for 6 Month Access
Pricing and Demand Analytics Certification $14.95 for 6 Month Access

Entrepreneurship Bundle $29.95 for 6 Month Access
HRM Bundle $14.95 for 6 Month Access
All Finance Modules $49.95 for 6 Month Access
All Marketing Modules and Certifications $59.95 for 6 Month Access
All MBTN Modules $99.95 for 12 Month Access

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