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Interactive modules to learn key business metrics.
Certification to demonstrate mastery.
MBTN, or Management by the Numbers, is a self-paced, online learning system with a focus on business metrics and analytics.  MBTN offers over 60 modules for Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, HR, Accounting, Operations, and Statistics. Each module consists of a straight-forward tutorial and four multi-question problem sets. Learn business concepts through practical problem-solving experience and practice.
MBTN Modules Marketing Entrepreneurship Finance Statistics HR Business Math
Work your way up MBTN’s corporate ladder from Mail Room Clerk to CEO by completing our modules. Practice the tutorials and problem sets until you’ve mastered the topic. Receive explanations of how answers are calculated if you don’t get it right in two tries. But next time you’ll have new values.  We want to make sure you really understand it.
MBTN Certifications Marketing Metrics and Analytics
Once you’ve completed particular sets of modules, you may sit for a certification exam. Pass the exam (80% or higher) and receive your MBTN Academy certificate. If you don’t pass it the first time, try again in 7 days. MBTN certificates distinguish you from your peers by demonstrating essential knowledge. And best of all, there’s no extra charge!
MBTN Supplemental Readings Marketing Metrics Interpretive Simulations Darden Cases
Are you looking for books, cases, or simulations to supplement the topics covered in the MBTN curriculum? Consider using some of these fabulous resources authored by faculty at Darden, Wharton, University of Michigan, Ivey, and receive a special discount on MBTN when used with one of these companion products in a course.
We offer different solutions depending on the context.
University and corporate courses may be customized to match your objectives.
Individual use is focused on skill development and earning credentials at your own pace.
Coursera Marketing Analytics students may enhance their skills using our marketing analytics modules.
Demonstrate your skills to prospective employers with our marketing micro certifications.
Check out our business education resource blog for links of interest.
University faculty may contact us for a free faculty evaluation account.
Our vision is to improve the numerical acumen of future business leaders.
Paul Farris and the Darden School of Business developed an early version of the tutorials to help their MBA marketing students prepare for their case-based curriculum. In 2010, Paul and Stu James founded MBTN to build upon the idea and expand the topics covered.  MBTN Academy now offers over 60 tutorials and 250 problem sets across all business disciplines. Download our catalog to see the full library of modules.
Our team is small, but dedicated, and spans multiple continents.
Contact us if you’d like to join our team as either an author, translator, distribution partner, or an employee.

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    Faculty Support
    The MBTN staff and authors are here to assist you with managing your course logistics as well as the content of the tutorials and problems sets. You also may want to review the faculty information note for an overview of how faculty may track student progress. Please use the contact form and an MBTN representative will respond within 24 hours.  We look forward to hearing from you.
    Student Support
    Most student issues can be resolved by reading the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If the answers provided there cannot resolve your problem, please use the contact form and an MBTN representative will respond within 24 hours.
    Unable to Login?  You may request your username and password here using the email address that your professor provided (usually your university email address). Still having trouble? Please check with your professor or send us a message via the contact form and we will get the problem solved!