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Coursera Marketing Analytics
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Coursera Marketing Analytiics Darden
Welcome Coursera Marketing Analytics Learners!  MBTN Academy offers a great follow-on to the Darden Analytics course by Raj Venkatensan.  We offer two packages for Coursera participants.  Please choose one of the options below.
Option 1: MBTN for Marketing Analytics ($19.95* Click to Register). These 11 modules parallel the Darden Coursera Marketing Analytics content. Option 1 includes the following self-paced tutorials and problem sets: Statistics 2: Regression Analysis, Calculating Margins, Breakeven Analysis, Profit Dynamics, Pricing 1: Linear Demand, CLV 1 and CLV 2, Promotion Profitability, Marketing Experiments 1 & 2, and Marketing ROI. 1 Year License at full price or 6 month academic license using promotion code.
Option 2: Complete MBTN for Marketing ($29.95* Click to Register). Option 2 includes the modules above plus 17 additional MBTN tutorials and problem sets that cover a broader range of marketing topics. Includes access to all MBTN Marketing Certification Exams. 1 Year License at full price or 6 month academic license using promotion code.
Click on either option to place your order and join over 50,000 MBTN Academy learners around the world who are improving their marketing analytics and marketing metrics skills!
*Be sure you have your special Darden Coursera promotion code to receive the discounted academic price listed above as a Coursera participant!