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Coursera Marketing Analytics
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Darden Coursera Marketing Analytiics
Welcome Coursera Marketing Analytics Learners!  MBTN Academy offers a great follow-on to the Darden Analytics course by Raj Venkatensan.  We offer two packages for Coursera participants.  Please choose one of the options below.
Option 1: MBTN for Marketing Analytics ($19.95* Click to Register). These 11 modules parallel the Coursera Marketing Analytics content and includes the following modules: Statistics 2: Regression Analysis, Calculating Margins, Breakeven Analysis, Profit Dynamics, Pricing 1: Linear Demand, CLV 1 and CLV 2, Promotion Profitability, Marketing Experiments 1 & 2, and Marketing ROI. 1 Year License at full price or 6 month academic license using promotion code.
Option 2: Complete MBTN for Marketing ($29.95* Click to Register). This includes the modules above plus 17 additional MBTN modules that cover a broader range of marketing topics as well as access to all Marketing Metrics Certificates. 1 Year License at full price or 6 month academic license using promotion code.
Click on either option to place your order and get started.
*Be sure you have your special Darden Coursera promotion code to receive the discounted academic price listed above as a Coursera participant!