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Entrepreneurship Tips Podcast

In this Goizueta podcast, Charlie Goetz, Senior Lecturer in Organization & Management and Distinguished Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, discusses the world of entrepreneurship, including key advice for success, the psychology of purchasing, and the dreaded cold call. Goetz, a serial entrepreneur and three-time author, has started and built nine new ventures and employed more than 1,000 individuals in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, broadcasting, sports, real estate, and advertising.

I was again struck by the strong overlaps among entrepreneurship, strategy, and marketing. At the beginning of an organization’s life, so much of success depends upon the translation of unmet customer needs into a viable product / service offering, which is the heart of marketing function. Good discussion of sales and the initial price decision as well.  It is clear that Goetz sees the marketing function as the primary driver of success in a start-up. All the financing and manufacturing in the world isn’t going to make it happen if the sales aren’t there.  I quite agree.  Lots of good advice here for budding entrepreneurs.  Hope you enjoy!

Entrepreneurship Done Right

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