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Exchange Rates – Free Tutorial for September

September’s free MBTN tutorial is Exchange Rates, a recent addition to our line-up. The MBTN Exchange Rates module complements classes in pricing, international marketing, international business, finance, and strategy. We’ve also provided a link to a recent article regarding pricing decisions in the face of rising costs and weakening exchange rates in Africa. The article could be a great lead-in for a broader discussion about the impact of exchange rates on economies, businesses, and people’s lives.

This month’s tutorial will help managers and students understand the following topics:

  • Definition of exchange rates
  • Spot vs. forward exchange rates
  • Factors that impact exchange rates
  • Impact of exchange rates on pricing, costs, and financial planning
  • Hedging against currency risk
  • Cryptocurrencies

View the free tutorial at the link below.

Monthly MBTN Module – Exchange Rates

Uchenna Uzo at the Lagos Business School has written an excellent article on how exchange rates (and inflation) affect pricing decisions in Nigeria. The author summarizes the key dilemma currently facing consumers and businesses in Lagos. “The cost of doing business in Africa is rising due to high inflation rates, foreign exchange volatility, rising energy prices and shortages triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war. Customers may justify persistent price increases to stay alive. While increasing prices may sometimes be inevitable, there is a limit to the number any customer can bear when spending power is dropping in Africa. The fundamental question is, how can you price right when the target customer’s ability to pay is falling?” Read the remainder of the article at the link below.

To price right in Africa think ecosystem

Remember, our modules also include problem sets to provide additional practice and feedback about these concepts.

The link will be available throughout September 2022.  Look for a new tutorial next month!

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