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Customer Acquisition Cost – New MBTN Module

MBTN Academy is pleased to announce the beta release of a new module on Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). The cost for a company to acquire a customer and how that cost compares to that customer’s expected Customer Lifetime Value is a fundamental question for the success of a business model. Yet many companies don’t focus on either CAC or CLV. This module will explain how to calculate and use CAC and the CLV to CAC ratio to improve business performance. Classes in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Finance can all benefit from a deeper understanding of these topics. We also cover some issues to be aware of when using CLV to CAC ratio analysis.

This tutorial provides a great introduction to the use and definitions of Customer Acquisition Cost and includes the following topics:

  • Enterprise CAC
  • Single Customer CAC
  • The CLV to CAC Ratio and why it is important
  • Using CAC and CLV / CAC to improve company performance
  • Caveats to keep in mind when using CAC and CLV / CAC analysis

The entire module consists of 18 tutorial slides, 5 example questions with calculation and explanation for in-class use, and 4 problem sets consisting of 31 total questions. As is always our policy with any beta release, MBTN faculty may add this module to their Winter/Spring class at no additional cost. Follow successful completion of the beta period, the CAC module will also become part of the Customer Lifetime Value Certification. Learn more about this module and all MBTN modules at

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Module Description

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