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The Certification Exams Are DIFFICULT!

Yes, yes they are. The purpose is to demonstrate that you really know the material and that you can solve the problems quickly and accurately. The vast majority of people do not pass the exams, particularly on the first try. But we let you try again in 7 days and we do give you feedback on the areas to study. But it is still difficult.

We often get asked, “how do I pass the exam?” or “what is some good advice for my students to help them pass the exam?”. Recently, we received this insightful description of how one student prepared to take the certification exam.  And, she passed on her first try!

Here’s what she did (in her words):

  • I went over all the tutorials and made detailed notes as well as a separate formula sheet
  • Under each formula, I explained how and when I would use the formula, so I would be able to recognize what formula to use after I read each question
  • I kept examples from the tutorials to practice with
  • I practiced the problem sets numerous times until I was confident in how I approached and solved each question
  • I picked a mix of 10 questions from the tutorials and problem sets and worked on completing them in a 40 minute time frame. I picked different questions each time
  • Once I was confident in solving the questions one way, I would change the values and do it again

Sounds like excellent advice. Hope you find it helpful too!

Find out more about our micro-certifications here.

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