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Micro Credentials

According to a recent survey from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) released in May, 60% of employers indicated microcredentials would increase their confidence in a prospective employee’s skills, while 74% of working-age Canadians demonstrated interest in microcredentials for either professional development, personal development or both.

Microcredentials are designed to improve your skill set in a highly targeted area in a relatively short amount of time. Perhaps you’re a website designer that would like to learn more about how clients view marketing decisions. Or maybe you’d like to change areas within your company. Or perhaps you’re several years out from an undergraduate degree in economics and now would like to explore some topics in business. Generally, Microcredentials are an effective way to get your feet wet at low cost and risk.

To learn more about the current state of microcredentials in Canada (which is generally applicable to other geographic areas as well), the article below is a fabulous summary and also has links to the original research cited.

Microcredentials on the Rise in Canada

MBTN Academy currently offers five microcredentials or certifications in marketing metrics. We recommend starting with the Profit Impact Metrics if you’re new to marketing and/or business. This certification covers more basic skills. Then move on to the more advanced topics of the other four microcredentials. All our certifications include tutorials, problem sets, and the certification exam for only $14.95 each for a six month license. But you can easily finish the modules in a week or two.  So take a small step in a new direction or dig a little deeper in a field you already know.  MicroCs are a great way to do it!

MBTN Academy Marketing Metrics Microcredentials / Certifications

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