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MBTN Badges Are Here!

As educators and professionals, we understand the importance of continuing to learn and grow in our fields. That’s why MBTN Academy is excited to offer badges to recognize the successful completion of our learning modules. Earning a badge requires a score of 100% on a module’s problem sets, and demonstrates commitment to learning a particular business skill.

Unlike traditional exams, our modules focus on helping students and practitioners truly master a subject. This means that individuals can continue to work on problem sets until they are confident in their ability and all questions are answered correctly. Upon successful completion of modules, badges may be added to LinkedIn profiles as a way to showcase this achievement and dedication to professional development.

At MBTN Academy, we believe in the value of recognizing and promoting lifelong learning. We hope that these badges will serve as a valuable tool for both professors and students to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to their careers. Like the certification exams, there is no additional charge to earn an MBTN module badge.

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