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Inventory Management Fundamentals – August Free MBTN Tutorial

August’s free MBTN tutorial is Inventory 1: Inventory Management Fundamentals, the 1st module in our inventory management series. As companies struggle with supply chain challenges, it is important that everyone in a company has a good understanding of forces that shape inventory management systems. Author Robert Robicheaux introduces some of the key issues in inventory management theory and practice.

The tutorial will help managers and students understand the following topics:

  • The costs and benefits of inventory and the need to balance these competing goals
  • Types and roles of different types of inventory (raw materials, in-progress, finished goods, etc.)
  • Cycle stock and safety stock
  • ABC analysis

View the free tutorial at the link below.

Monthly MBTN Module – Inventory 1: Inventory Management Fundamentals

Remember, our modules also include problem sets to provide additional practice and feedback about these concepts.

The link will be available throughout August 2022.  Look for a new tutorial next month!

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