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Benefits – March’s Free MBTN Tutorial

March is prime tax time and one aspect of tax planning fully understanding benefits, and especially retirement benefits. March’s free MBTN tutorial on benefits covers retirement plans and other benefits that are often part of an employment agreement. Benefits is part of our HR series of modules and introduces the basics of a benefits plan for a company.

HR Metrics 5: Benefits is authored by Scott Freehafer and covers the basics of the following topics:

Mandatory vs. voluntary benefit categories
Social Security
Health Insurance
Retirement plan options

To access the tutorial, simply click on the link below. And don’t forget, our modules also include problem sets to give you additional practice and feedback on these concepts. The link will be available throughout March 2023.

Monthly MBTN Module – HR Metrics 5: Benefits

If you find this tutorial valuable, you might also be interested in our complete catalog of MBTN modules, available for use in academic settings. You can choose any combination of 3 or more modules to suit your needs. Additionally, we have a brochure available for our MBTN Math Skills for use in academic settings.

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We hope you enjoy this month’s tutorial on weighted averages!

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HR Metrics Benefits

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