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Weighted Averages – February’s Free MBTN Tutorial

February is here and so is our latest free MBTN tutorial, co-authored with Gopala Ganesh of the University of North Texas! This essential new module is part of our popular business math series and focuses on the concept of weighted average.

From defining what weighted average is to showing you how to calculate it, this tutorial will take you through the basics and provide real-world examples to illustrate the concept. You’ll discover the differences between weighted average and simple average and how it’s used in various business scenarios.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Calculating average revenue per sale for a company with multiple products or services
Evaluating alternative markets or strategies based on different weighted factors
Finding the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for a firm
Allocating costs across different products, services, or divisions
Calculating the average acquisition price of a stock in a portfolio

With its comprehensive coverage of weighted average and its numerous practical examples, this tutorial is a fabulous resource for anyone looking to enhance their business math skills. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity – try it out now!

The free link has expired, but check out this month’s tutorial under the Business Education Resources Blog.

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