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The Ever-Evolving MBA

The Ever-Evolving MBA

Interesting article this morning in the NYTimes that highlights the challenges of keeping business education relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment. Here’s an excerpt, with a link to the full article that uses some examples from Cornell Tech’s innovative program that brings M.B.A. candidates and graduate students in computer science together.

Greg Pass, the former chief technology officer of Twitter, put the matter succinctly. The M.B.A., he observed, is “a challenged brand.” That’s because the degree suggests a person steeped in finance and corporate strategy rather than in the digital-age arts of speed and constant experimentation — and in skills like A/B testing, rapid prototyping and data-driven decision making, the bread and butter of Silicon Valley. Those skills are not just for high-tech start-ups. They are required now in every industry. And leading business schools are struggling to keep pace.

M.B.A. Programs Start to Follow Silicon Valley Into the Data Age

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