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Optimization 1: Mathematical Modeling and Excel Basics

MBTN Academy announces the beta release of Optimization 1, the first in a new series for operations and business math courses. The tutorial is authored by Alexander Skvorchevsky, our faculty author expert in Statistics, Modeling, and Optimization. Optimization is the process of finding the best managerial decision from an array of feasible solutions according to criterion and constraints. We often face optimization problems in our daily lives. Examples include calculating the shortest route from home to work or family budget planning.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, mastering optimization techniques can significantly enhance your workflow and help you achieve your goals. Optimization is all about finding smarter and more efficient ways to complete tasks, streamline processes, and maximize output. By implementing these techniques, you can save time, reduce effort, and improve overall performance in various aspects of your life and career.

Optimization 1 discusses the fundamentals of mathematical programming as a method for optimizing managerial and economic processes and systems. The tutorial also introduces how to use tools within Microsoft Excel for solving optimization problems. The tutorial consists of 27 slides of information and examples. The four problem sets consist of 26 questions that include true/false, multiple choice, and Excel-based scenarios. As is always our policy with any beta release, MBTN faculty may add this module to any existing Fall class at no additional cost. Learn more about this module and all MBTN modules at https://www.mbtn.academy/our-modules/

Optimization and Mathematical Modelling

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