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MBTN Featured in MMA Article

We were thrilled to learn of the recent publication of a research paper on the use of MBTN in an undergraduate Marketing Metrics course. The paper provides a detailed description of how the authors implemented MBTN in both an online and in person format over eight semesters. While MBTN constitutes a larger focus of the content of this course than most, the findings are generally applicable to courses that select fewer modules (which is more typical use of MBTN).

Authors Muniz, Geng, and Ganesh describe the purpose of the research as:

The purpose of this paper is to describe the experience of using an out-of-class exercise, namely “management-by-the-numbers” (MBTN), designed to provide students an opportunity to engage in and practice quantitative managerial problems through a self-paced, interactive approach. Here we explore the overall research question of whether a problem-based assignment (i.e., MBTN) can contribute and encourage students to improve their quantitative skills. MBTN incorporates an active and problem-based learning approach, which requires students to engage throughout the learning process. Although MBTN has been present in various marketing quantitative courses across U.S. universities since about 2012, there is no previous research on the use of MBTN by instructors, its reception, and perception by students. Using performance data from 902 students collected throughout eight semesters, this article contributes to the marketing education literature by showing how this exercise was implemented and received in a marketing metrics class.

The complete paper may be found at the following link in Volume 29 (Spring 2021) of the Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (JAME):

Exploring a Problem-Based Learning Approach to Improve the Quantitative Skills of Marketing Undergraduates

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