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Exchange Rates – New MBTN Module

MBTN Academy is pleased to announce the beta release of a new module on Exchange Rates. Currency exchange are a part of any international business, marketing, finance, or operations course. However, it is almost impossible today for any business not to be affected by the fluctuations in currency valuation. This may be due to selling to customers in other countries or it may be due to part of a company’s supply chain sourcing options.

For example, a company may price all its products or services in Euros or Dollars regardless of the nationality of the purchaser. However, the buyer will view the cost of the product differently as currency exchange rates fluctuate. Likewise, if someone is investing in mutual funds or global stocks, they should be thinking about how exchange rates might affect their investment and therefore, potential return.

This tutorial will provide a solid introduction to the potential impact of exchange rates and includes the following topics:

  • Definition of exchange rates
  • Spot vs. forward rates
  • Factors that impact currency valuation
  • Impact of exchange rates on pricing, costs, and financial planning
  • Hedging and Cryptocurrencies

The entire module consists of 25 slides, 7 example calculations, and 4 problem sets consisting of 29 total questions. As is always our policy with any beta release, MBTN faculty may add this module to their Winter/Spring class at no additional cost. Learn more about this module and all MBTN modules at

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  • Alexander Skvorchevsky
    Posted at 18:46h, 09 January Reply

    The current economic and political situation in the world will be the reason for the stronger fluctuation of exchange rates. It will require more attention to exchange rates from all business actors. So the module must be popular!

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