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Time Series Econometric Analysis – January’s Free MBTN Tutorial

We hope this New Year finds you well and ready for some advanced statistical learning. Our latest release in our line of statistics modules is all about time series forecasting – a highly useful tool in business for understanding and predicting data such as currency exchange and interest rates, population, demand, and sales data, share and commodity prices, and more. This technique is applicable in any field that involves measuring variables over time.

In our free MBTN tutorial for January, we’ll introduce you to the concepts behind time series economic analysis, including the use of time series in panel data, the basic components of trend, cyclicality, seasonality, and stochastic fluctuation, the Kitchin Inventory Cycle, Juglar Fixed-Investment Cycle, Kuznets Infrastructure Investment Cycle, and Kondratiev Wave or Long Technological Cycle. You’ll also learn about time series forecasting methodologies such as extrapolation, retropolation, and interpolation, as well as using Excel for time series analysis and forecasting.

To access the tutorial, simply click on the link below. And don’t forget, our modules also include problem sets to give you additional practice and feedback on these concepts. The link will be available throughout January 2022, and we’ll be back with a new tutorial next month.

Monthly MBTN Module – Time Series Econometric Analysis (Statistics 5)

If you find this tutorial valuable, you might also be interested in our complete catalog of MBTN modules, available for use in academic settings. You can choose any combination of 3 or more modules to suit your needs. Additionally, we have a brochure available for our MBTN Statistics Modules and Darden Cases, also for use in academic settings.

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We hope you enjoy this month’s tutorial on time series econometric analysis!

Best regards,
Your Team at MBTN Academy

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time series econometric analysis free monthly MBTN tutorial

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