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Percentages – December’s Free MBTN Tutorial

December’s free tutorial is one of MBTN Academy’s business core math skills modules that reviews calculating percentages in business contexts. Normalization of values using percentages allows comparisons across different contexts such as company sizes or years of results. The percentages module provides a refresher for undergrads and community college students that may not have experienced the importance of calculating percentages in a business context. It also is a good choice as a “warm-up” module to understand how the MBTN system works in a topic that should be a review for most students.

This month’s tutorial will help managers and students understand the following topics:

  • Definition of a percentage and how to calculate it
  • How percentages allow us to compare values in different contexts more meaningfully
  • Use of percentages in several business contexts (tutorial examples and problem sets

The free link has expired, but check out this month’s tutorial under the Business Education Resources Blog.

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