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New MBTN Module on Nonlinear Regression

MBTN Academy announces the beta release of Statistics 4: Nonlinear Regression authored by Alexander Skvorchevsky. Many economic processes cannot be described by simple or multiple linear regression models that were covered in MBTN Modules Statistics 2 and 3. In these circumstances, nonlinear regression models are often used. This module introduces advanced statistical techniques that may be used to model these relationships.

The Statistics 4 tutorial includes the following topics and provides a solid introduction to nonlinear regression:

  • Recognizing when nonlinear regression is necessary
  • Examples of nonlinear regression models in business
  • Understanding the difference between intrinsically linear models and intrinsically nonlinear models
  • Understanding the difference between separable and non-separable nonlinear models
  • Polynomial regression models/li>
  • Use of Excel to estimate nonlinear models
  • Examples of transformation of nonlinear models into linear models
  • Quantitative and qualitative criteria for evaluating competitive models

Statistics 4 consists of 30 slides and 4 problem sets consisting of 24 total questions and is generally appropriate for MBA and advanced undergraduate classes. MBTN faculty may add this module to Fall 2022 classes at no additional cost for students. Learn more about this module and all MBTN modules at

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