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September's free MBTN tutorial is Game Theory authored by Neil Bendle. Game theory studies competitive and cooperative interactions that apply to markets and managers.
Game Theory, Zero Sum Games, Non Zero-Sum Games, Dominant Strategy
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Game Theory – September’s Free MBTN Tutorial

This month’s free access to an MBTN tutorial is Game Theory authored by Professor Neil Bendle of the University of Georgia. Game theory studies competitive and cooperative interactions and despite often using terms such as “players” and “games”, the ideas actually apply to markets and managers. The Game Theory tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Matrix basics
  • Zero and non-zero-sum games
  • Dominant strategies
  • Identifying mixed strategy games

Neil is also one of the co-authors of Marketing Metrics, now in its 4th edition. Marketing Metrics is a wonderful companion to many of the MBTN marketing modules and we do offer a discount on MBTN for faculty that adopt Marketing Metrics for their classes. For more information on that offer as well as other books, cases, and simulations that we co-promote, please see our companion products page of the MBTN Academy website. Finally, Neil is also author of the Marketing Thought Blog, which provides excellent insights on topics related to marketing and marketing strategy. Well worth subscribing!

The free link has expired, but check out this month’s tutorial under the Business Education Resources Blog.

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