Discussion with Brene Brown and Guy Raz - MBTN Academy
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Discussion with Brene Brown and Guy Raz

What do you get when the best known researcher on vulnerability, shame, and courage sits down to chat with the person who has brought hundreds of entrepreneurial stories to NPR? Some very insightful gems of advice!

Brené with Guy Raz on How I Built This


Here’s the link to Guy Raz’s NPR podcast. Hear stories from the founders of Airbnb, Lyft, Famous Dave’s, and the Khan Academy. What’s great about the podcast is that it isn’t just about the ultimate success of the company, but instead the story of how they got there… and it isn’t always pretty or easy. Because, well, it isn’t. Maybe ever. Resilience and failure are big themes in the podcasts.

Guy Raz – How I Built This

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