Sustainability Triple Bottom Line
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Sustainability1: Triple Bottom Line Now Available

MBTN Academy announces the beta release of Sustainability1: Triple Bottom Line, the first in a new series that covers sustainability concepts and resources. The tutorial is authored by Samantha Svoboda, our faculty author expert in this area. This module serves as an introduction to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits, and provides a great stepping off point for frameworks, resources, organizations, and standards related to sustainability efforts across the globe.

Embracing the Triple Bottom Line framework offers numerous benefits, both for businesses and society as a whole including fostering a more long-term, resilient perspective for an organization, delivering benefits to consumers that are increasingly more aware of social and environmental impacts of purchase and consumption, mitigating risks such as regulatory compliance and supply chain disruption, and attracting employees who value a workplace that takes more responsibility for their role in an increasingly fragile environment and society.

The Triple Bottom Line tutorial consists of 37 slides of information and examples. The four problem sets consist of 23 questions that include true/false, multiple choice, and calculation style questions. As is always our policy with any beta release, MBTN faculty may add this module to any 2024 Summer or Fall class at no additional cost. Learn more about this module and all MBTN modules at If you are university faculty with an active faculty or evaluation account, you will now have access to this module. Thank you for your interest!


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