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New Partnership Announcement

New Partnership Announcement

Axcess Capon and MBTN Logos combinedWe’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with AxcessCapon to provide marketing professors and professionals an integrated book and problem set package. Noel Capon has worked with us to create a special edition of Capon’s Marketing Framework that has integrated MBTN modules packaged with this edition. The price for the electronic version of this bundle is $49.70, a far cry from most marketing textbooks. Plus students have the opportunity to practice the implementation of many of the concepts presented in the text.

The modules integrated in the electronic version of the textbook are:

Chapter 2 includes two MBTN modules: Customer Lifetime Value I and II
Chapter 5 includes MBTN module: Market Share Metrics I
Chapter 6 includes two MBTN modules: Conjoint Analysis and Perceptual Mapping
Chapter 15 includes MBTN module: Advertising Metrics
Chapter 16 includes MBTN module: Web Metrics
Chapter 17 includes two MBTN modules: Sales Force Management I and II
Chapter 18 includes MBTN module: Distribution Measures
Chapter 19 includes MBTN module: Profit Dynamics
Chapter 20 includes MBTN module: Calculating Margins
Chapter 22 includes MBTN module: Marketing Variance Analysis

View our brochure: >>Capon’s Marketing Framework Bundle

For class adoptions, please order through MBTN, however, individuals may order the bundle through AxcessCapon directly.

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